+ art_ifacts

On occasion I have been know to churn our digital illustrations, the bulk of which is silhouettes. I have always been interested in the stark contrast between black and white. Silhouettes offer the simplicity of two colour image, but are tricky little bastards to get right.

+ the wanderer in unknown realms – In March 2013, I was given the incredible opportunity by John Connolly to do some illustrations for his novella “The Wanderer in Unknown Realms”. These are the final six used in the book. More information on the book can be found on John’s official website.

+ black hearts – female serial killers in their layers.

+ for the love of books – Small pieces of based around quotes from (mainly) classic literature.

+ doodle creeps – Old sketches brought back to life with thick black lines and pastel colours.

+ demotivational – fuck your pinterest ready inspo quotes