aural fixation 00_prologue

I came down without any sense of conviction,
Yeah I couldn’t tell if you were a bitch or totally bitchin’, so…

Do I know you? Have we met IRL or somewhere in cyberspace*? If you do chances are high that I have inflicted music upon you either passively, actively or quite often, aggressively.

If you’ll indulge me in being some what cliched and a tad h y p e r b o l i c: music is the food my soul is nourished by. It holds so much weight for me, it’s my memories, how I process my feelings and emotions, it’s my joy and my sadness and every other feeling between the two.

No day is complete without it, even if it’s just one song. Or the same song on repeat for an hour (or six, shut up you’re not my supervisor).

Loving music is as natural as breathing to me.

I miss lying on my bed as a teenager listening to whatever album I’d just got from HMV and pouring over the lyric book and the art work while I listened to it, soaking it all in. Spotify is life but as a side note: I really need to make an effort to buy hard copies of the music I love so I can recapture the magic (and to better support the artists I love).

Wait, is this how I become an annoying vinyl nerd? Stay tuned on that one. 

So, Spotify.

My life in infinitely enriched because of it. The amount of artists and bands I’ve discovered through it is ridiculous. Audible enrichment for the low cost of £10 a month: so many tracks, so little time.

fuck yeah mixtapes

And the playlists. I live and die by my Spotify playlists.

Since high school I have always been that bitch that will make her friends a mixtape, or a mix cd, there was a brief dalliance with mix mini disks and now I will 100% make you a spotify playlist mixtape if I like you, or if you ask me really nicely.

Playlists put together by me fall into three categories, always curated but in different ways:

  • Mixtapes: these are curated to be played in order, with a flow to them. Each track strategically placed to lead into the next
  • Vibes: just a big old song pile which fit a theme, a genre, a mood or an emotional state but with no specific order to them. Just hit shuffle and you’re good to go.
  • Audio autobiography: playlists just for me – like the playlist I create in January each year and every album I discover that year goes in it. Or my discovered playlist which is every song I’ve loved from my discover weekly list in one handy place.

There was a point to all this and that is that a u r a l  f i x a t i o n will be musical inflictions, albums, songs or playlists that should be listened to, deep dives into concept albums or just lists of lines from lyricists I adore. It just felt right to prologue it with an extensive amount of rambling about how much I fucking love music.

Because you know what gang? I  r e a l l y  fucking do.

Anyway, here’s something to get you going, a song which has brought me nothing but pure, unadulterated joy: Victoria by Jukebox the Ghost

*Yeah that’s right I’m leaning into my old lady of the internet licence to use old timey internet speak like cyberspace, a/s/l, brb and using this guy a lot o_O

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