relics_on growing older, ridiculous obsessions and my birthday wish list

If no one makes me an Emily-friendly cake with 30 candles on there's gonna be trouble!
If no one makes me an Emily-friendly cake with 30 candles on there’s gonna be trouble!

It’s hard for me to comprehend that in a mere 75 days I will be 30 years old! The big 3-oh dear god when did I get so old! I remember when I was younger working out when I would turn various mile stone ages. Back in ’94, 2013 seemed like a million miles away! Yet here we are, in the beginnings of knitwear season and on the precarious down hill slop to the Big C.

As I am hitting a big one this year, a few of my nearest and dearest have already been nagging me about what gifts I might like for such an auspicious occasion. These are questions that flummox me on a yearly basis as I know there are things I would like, but as soon as that sentence (or a variation of) is uttered my mind becomes a swirling vortex or fluff, erms and ummms. So I figured, what the hell, I am gonna make a birthday wish list of the sublime and ridiculous things that I covet. What is most obvious from this list though is that my Twin Peaks obsession is getting out of hand!

So please allow me to indulge on this list of fantasy presents…


ONE: Edgar Allan Poe Pendant
I love the unusual nature of this pendant, and I love EAP so it is a win win.

TWO: Watership Down T-Shirt
Out of Print make the best attire for book fiends, this particular shirt is one I have coveted for many months.

THREE: Deer Head Statement Necklace
Fable & Fury make ridiculously good jewelry, I am especially enticed by this incredibly detailed necklace.

FOUR: Batman Hush Complete Edition
I should not need to explain why this needs to get on my bookshelf

FIVE: Twin Peaks Red Room Vest
The first of several Twin Peaks items on this list, this is a damn fine top.


SIX: Harley Quinn PopVinyl Figure
Choosing which of the hundreds of PopVinyl figures to go on here was hard, but decided that you can’t go wrong with Ms Quinn

SEVEN: Apocalypse Leggings
I am not really a legging wearer, for these I would make an exception. They are grotesque, macabre and right up my street.

EIGHT: Parker Gunmetal Fountain Pen
If you aren’t writing with a fountain pen you went wrong somewhere in life. And if you do use a fountain but aren’t using a Parker fountain, GTFO!

NINE: Mark Ryden ‘Gay 90s’ Art Book
Mark Ryden is one of my favourite artists, and this coffee table art book is just lovely, full of whimsically dark images.

TEN: Rustic Chess Set
I need a new chess set and this one is beautifully carved.


ELEVEN: Kawaii Stationery
Stationery is another of my big obsessions, these cute as fuck ones by my main girl Stewbs, are immense.

TWELVE: Twin Peaks Minimalist Poster
Yes, more Twin Peaks things. I featured this on the Noses to the Window blog over at IGGPPC a few weeks ago, and still don’t think my life will be complete until it is on my wall!

THIRTEEN: Wuthering Heights Book Bag
Again, another item I featured on NTTW. Some might see these as sacrilegious. I see them as beautiful works of art…and Wuthering Heights is one of my favourite books.

FOURTEEN: Sandwich Earrings
Those in the know, know that I may freak out quite sententiously, when it comes to miniature food, dolls houses and all that jazz. These earrings are too cute not to be in my ears.

FIFTEEN: Tetris Lamp
A lamp made up of individual tetris blocks you say? Yes Please!


SIXTEEN: Derick James ‘Bat Kiss’ Print
Derick James has mad skills when it comes to traditional tattoo art mashed with geek culture. This one is a personal favourite.

SEVENTEEN: Cuddly Rigor Mortis ‘Make Like A Banana’ Print
A banana split eating itself? Yep that is exactly what is going on here. It was a very hard choice picking this one as there are too many cute and creepy designs!

EIGHTEEN: Second Place Prize ‘You Had Me At Meat Tornado’ Print
Ron Swanson x my lovely friend Emma = this amazing Swanson print

NINETEEN: Twin Peaks ‘Black Lodge’ Pillow
The final Twin Peaks item…black lodge pillow. Which would look great on my black lodge bed!

TWENTY: Dairy Free Chocolate Gift Box
If all else fails buy me dairy free chocolate!

And there you have it, twenty things I covet….and my birthday is December 3rd by the way!

Toodle pip


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