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These girls really know how to keep my boat afloat!
These girls really know how to keep my boat afloat!

“A lot can happen in six months.”

This is the phrase that has rattled around my head all day. From 8am this morning until 8pm tonight I have been attached to my computer, planning and prepping for Round Seven of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. On the September 19th IGGPPC will be six month old and I know I say this a lot but I struggle to wrap my head around it. We have come so far, to illustrate let’s just look at some of the numbers…

Pair Ups – 2400+
The most important number. There have been roughly 4700 people submit the registration form which equates to roughly 2400 pairs.

Website Members – 5890
We are inching closer and closer to having 6000 members on our website, which is incredible.

Facebook Page Likes – 2390
Facebook, the scourge of a generation, has its perks…as long as you don’t buckle and pay their ridiculous advertising fees! That being said, it is a good place to communicate with the community, all 2390 of them!

Tweets – 2406
Because I had nothing better to do while watching Great British Bake Off I worked out that there were 2406 tweets mentioning IGGPPC which works out at approximately 401 tweets per month!

Instagram – somewhere around the 2500 mark
This is a tricky one to answer as we have had not only the IGGPPC hashtag (1212 images) but also our 30 day photo challenge tags (#IGGPPC30D and #IGGPPC30D2 have 1980 photos) and sometimes both used at the same time. Whichever way you slice it though, it’s a hell of a lot of photos!

Tumblr – 1121 followers / 630 posts
One thousand, one hundred and twenty one people want to see us reblog pictures of what the Avengers would look like as cats (or vibrators ~ yes it’s a thing, look it up, ┬áthe hulk one would make your eyes water!) and slow motion gifs of ice cream being made!

So there you have it! None of these numbers would have been possible without the amazing support and work that Leslie, Jen and Emma (alright and me too) put in. There aren’t enough words in the world to describe the delectable bond that has formed between the four of us. I treasure them like they were tiny glass bees and cannot wait for the day we meet, which WILL happen, one day.

Let’s not forget you lovely puddings though! All of you who have taken part have become integral threads in the fabric that makes up IGGPPC. Seriously, thank you. You make the club what it is! The web address hasn’t changed so join us over at!

Right, that is quite enough of me getting glassy eyed and sentimental! To the next six months and beyond!

Emily xo

P.S. Yes, I know I still haven’t blogged about the Belfast adventure! What can I say? I am a shit bastard.

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