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My girl Leslie (aka Darling Stewie aka LeslieIRL aka Stewbs) is pumping out some seriously good blog content lately. As I said on twitter yesterday: she is a few blog posts, some instagram photos and viral video about a cat away from being legit internet famous!

One of her recent posts was about finding your blog’s niche by answering 26 questions. As I am a fan of answering stuff I decided to answer these as quickly as possible to see what silly rubbish my brain came up with! So without further ado…

My love of the word ‘disparage’ came from this character

1. What is one of your favorite words, that you have never heard any one else that you know of describe themselves as?

Disparaging, although I try not to be.

2. If someone was to search for your blog in Google, and you could rank on the first page for 5 keywords, what would they be?
macabre, stupendous, meandering, silhouette, confectionery connoisseur.

3. What is your favorite adjective? Especially one to describe the way a person is.
example: you are a fucking idiot or that is fucking ace

My first comic book love [Z?]

4. Think of your favorite movie character, comic book character, or cartoon character, that you self-identity with. What are a couple of words you would use to describe their personality? What color would you describe them as?
I think this is the hardest question as I love books and films and cartoons and comics but I don’t really self identify with any of them. It is just not really something I do. There maybe a line or a scene from something that I would say “Oh well that is just me all over” that’s probably as close as I get.

I if I had to choose though I think the closest ones would maybe be Johnny The Homicidal Maniac or Ursula.
Personality: fabulous (Ursula), prone to ranting (JTHM), honest, grim
Colour: purple and black

5. What color are you?

6. What are you the most knowledgeable about? What would other people say you are the most knowledgeable about? When is the last time you went on a really good rant about something?
I am probably most knowledgeable on baking and sweets. Other people say I am knowledgeable about a right load of shite. And I rant on a daily basis, the most recent of which was why the hell more places don’t cater for people who are vegan/dairy allergies. It fucks me right the hell off. Being a lactose intolerant vegetarian is the worst.

7. If you had to design a business card right now, and could only have 3 words on it, what would those words be?
Nonchalantly Macabre, Yo.

Mmmmmmmm delicious perfumy sweeties

8. Your blog is a food. What food is it and why?
My blog is parma violets, they are an acquired taste.

9. If you could plan a photo shoot for your professional head shot, what would you be wearing? What piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory would you wear that screams you?
I would probably wear a shirt, tie and waist coat, accessorised with my ‘Farquharson’ HotFQ necklace and my skull hoop earings because they are the best. Also scientist looking glasses.

10. If you could collaborate with any blogger, artist, or person, who would it be, and what would you bring to their table?
I would love to collaborate with Jessicka Addams. I have been a fan of her work/music for at least the past 15 years. Her style and grace is phenomenal and her artwork that she has been pouring out over the last few years is gloriously dark. I would bring my silhouette sorcery and marshmallow creating skills to the table and we would create an art show to end all shows.

11. Pick a tagline for yourself. Or a few. 10 words total, for your identity, and niche.
The Majestically Macabre Maven with Moxie

(or courtesy of Stewbs: Mad scientist on the streets, super villain in the sheets – which is so much better than mine!)

12. If you could copyright one item, food, object, or animal, and when people see it they would think of you, what would it be? It will help if this object is not already associated with someone else.

A unicorn with someone impaled on it’s horn because unicorns are evil and I love them.

13. Your blog is an animal. What animal is it, and why?
Clthulu because: clthulu.

14. You have to pick 2 emotions that your blog will make people feel. What are they?
Hungry. Itchy. OK I know neither are technically emotions but they were legitimately the first words that came to mind.

15. Someone who reads your blog writes you an email, expressing that your blog caused them to do something, or feel something, or think about something, or try to make something, and it makes you so happy to know this. What did it cause them to do?
Probably make hot chocolate

16. What’s your favorite mythical creature, and why?
See question 12 and 13

17. Your blog is referred to someone that you admire by a friend. They use these 2 words to describe your niche.
Probably: tangents and sarcasm

18. You can only use one social network to promote your blog, forever. Which one do you choose and why?
Twitter because I love it so. It’s fast, friendly and not full of adverts!

19. You would love it if this store posted your blog’s business cards on their front counter.
Rose & Co. without a doubt. Their cosmetics are sublime and their shops have been focal point of my obsessions for many years!

20. If you had to pull an Emma, and take a photo of yourself looking down from your chin of your feet and the ground, where would you choose to be standing, what would you choose to wear, and why?
First: Ahahahahahahaha best question ever. For those unaware, Emma (one of the IGGPPC staff) takes photos of her feet in different locations fairly often. It is now referred to in our little circle as pulling an Emma. I actually took two at the weekend while I was on the beach in Scarborough, one without sea, one with.

No Sea // Sea
No Sea // Sea

21. What are you most passionate about? What would other people perceive you as being most passionate about? Are these things different?
I am passionate about reading, sweets, art, sarcasm, freedom of expression, letters, IGGPPC and hot chocolate. All of which I think are already prevalent in my blog/site.

22. You have to choose a celebrity to do a poetic reading of your favorite blog post, with the perfect voice. Who is it?
Vincent Price or Nick Offerman, if I have to explain why GTFO.

23. What image on someone else’s blog have you seen that you love?
At the moment I adore Jen’s blog because she always posts beautiful photos from her walks and Ray Caesar’s blog because that guy has serious skills. His art work is beautiful

24. You can only blog from one location for the rest of your life. Where is it?
My office, I love it, it is my little cocoon

25. You walk into the Internet cafeteria. You see tables with every blogger ever. You sit down at the table with these 5 bloggers.
1] Stewbs – LeslieIRL
2] Emma – Lickmycupcakes
3] Jen – sparklegirl
4] Jamila – girl gone geek
5] Kristen – super space chick
1-3 because they are my IGGPPC crew and I need to be in their faces all the damn time.
4+5 because they are both amazing, intelligent ladies who know how to keep it geek.
Bonus 6 of Belinda Palmer because Little Miss Geek is an amazing campaign which is and will continue to make a huge impression on the next generation of females!

26. You have to decorate your online bedroom. What is the pattern on your bedspread? What poster is above your bed? And what CD is in the CD player?
My current bedspread will do nicely, black and white chevrons with red pillow cases a la the black lodge/red room from Twin Peaks. The poster would probably be more like a giant collage of posters, magazine clippings, cards and other bits and pieces and the CD would be ‘God Bless Your Black Heart’ by the pAper chAse


Those questions were fun to answer and you should answer them too!
Much love to my girl Leslie for coming up with them! Do you have your blog niche yet?

Ciao Bellas


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