on the inevitable return of frogmellaink (or why sometimes being a hoarder pays off)

What are you doing in a plaice like this?

I don’t know where to start. I’m not even sure what I am writing about but I need an outlet so here I am. Hello. Nice to see you again, it’s been a while.

Several lifetimes have passed since the last time I sat writing so I guess I should catch you up. Or should I? Realistically if you’re reading this I know you so you’re probably au fait with the comings and goings of me because I post it all over fucking instagram.

Speaking of which, I looooove instagram stories. Aren’t they just the best? The perfect vehicle for posting the inane, the memes, the music, the snap shots of life, any and all dumb shit that falls out of your finger tips. Then poof 24 hours later they are gone. Magic, and oh so versatile. And I’m digressing as per fucking usual.

Let’s skip to the end: why are you here? (s i k e – this is nowhere near the end) Not as in the answer is 42 kind of way but why are you reading what will be yet another massive Emily tangent filled ramble. You ended up here reading this because I was bored, for a start, and full of pent up creative frustration and have been for some time. A few good people have been nudging me to dip my toe in the water so here we are. 

It’s been y e a r s since I started a project, the last big one being (my greatest achievement), Geek Girl Pen Pals. Then there was the old old version of this blog, hatfield house insta, dairy free since 03, House of the Fickle Queen, Infernal Emporium and my digital illustrations and that’s just the ones this decade. We don’t need to head into the vaults for the old OLD stuff. Well not yet anyway…just bear with me.

Hi my name is Emily I am a digital hoarder.

I have mp3s that I downloaded from Napster. I have emails from the late 90s exported from outlook and buried deep on a hard drive. I have digital photos, weird gifs, audio files, msn screen shots and an array of other shit some of which are now over 20 years old.

A few weeks ago I went on a mission into the vaults to try find something and failed, but on my way out I stopped by to poke around in some of this other shit, specifically the folder which include copies of my old websites. We’re talking 2002-2006, built in dream weaver, iframes out the yazoo, self indulgent, art school bullshit personal websites. Six more grey hairs sprouted just looking at them.

Look I wasn’t fucking about…this is the welcome page to the ‘retro sleaze’ version of frogmellaink circa May 2004

One thing I did then with those sites though was encompass everything in them: added my art, music I loved, bad prose and poetry (so bad guys, don’t even ask it’s never coming out the vault), film recommendations, a smörgasboard of junk. But it worked and it was authentically me. Even though these sites are, so help me, 15+ years old they still feel like me – albeit a younger and dumber me.

Where were we, oh right yeah why are you here? Dipping my toe is some sort of creative water has been something I have wanted to do for a long time but nothing ever felt right. Every solo project I have embarked (or tried to embark on) on has been a facet of what I’m interested in – such as food, gardening, making jewellery – but like a child in a sweet shop my interests are too many and varied and I inevitably get bored with creating content for one particular niche.

Thinking about the old websites and what I wanted to do sparked a small flame of an idea. This new endeavour will be aimed at not squidging myself into one box, but luxuriating and spreading myself out over many. So here I am l u x u r i a t i n g.

I’m going to import and archive old frogmella ink (filed under relics from another life) and DFS03 blogs and then see where the wind takes me; curated playlists and musical infliction, meme dumps, art spotlights, gardening adventures, tales of The Peas (my cats Pippa and Poppy), recipes, nostalgia about the olden days of the internet (Geocities gang sound off!), incoherent rambling and well anything else that sparks my interest. I’m not trying to create a brand, or become insta famous. Just want to carve out a new little home on the internet for myself.

To quote hair metal titans Whitesnake “No, I don’t know where I’m going but I sure know where I’ve been”

I guess I’m about to find out.

Right, this is the actual end.


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